Built block by block

Pausing and chewing on your pencil end

Erasing, scratching, jotting down, and

Twisting your head side to side

Pecking at the hard wood like a morning

Bird for the worm.

Oh how it spurs you on like

The morning sun warm against your skin

And growing on you like the ripples

Of muscles, and disturbance of active life on a pond

Or like the panting of your breathe

As you race out of winters white coat

Into the winds of spring with a kites tail

Dangling behind you

The end from which you are rising

Waivering till the new gusts shoots

Us up like a catapult and shortly we fly

Building block by block

Discovering tapping for the hollow spot

To discover hidden tombs and shaking

The dust of every day of every century

Till this very moment.

And we scream to such inaudible heights

To reach the babble of plain emotion.

And unsure a thousand possibilities, hundreds

Of outcomes, and visions

before the entire scope of finite systems

comes appearing clear as glass, simple as fact.

And its done.

Author: Isaac Zepeda

Born and raised in South Texas, Isaac Zepeda is what he calls a observational-transience poet. While entering his junior year at the University of Texas @ San Antonio, he chose to leave school and pursue his writing full-time. The majority of his writing centers on deep-introspection, the human psyche, theological questioning, philosophy, and social commentary. His poetry carries the unceasing desire to celebrate and transcribe the “divine function” -the transient moments of giving or creating meaning.


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