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We need to start thinking outside the box. In this new era of intense political division it is getting more and more difficult to work together to solve issues and problems that face us all collectively. In fact the more salient and overriding and urgent that the issue is, the more it tends to be eclipsed by stuff of lesser to little import… By things that can be used to accrue political capital, or to arouse the partisans of a certain view, or political party.

 In this emotional and divided, abusive and name-calling era in America, I am believing, or at the least, hoping, that there are elements in America that can form a consensus things based on reason, practicality and common sense, and the ability to engage in public discourse.

 Perhaps this is wishful thinking, but wishful thinking is at least a start.

 If the thinking and independently minded minorities (and I don’t mean ethnically or racial) can come together on a variety of issues then there could be a fulcrum for the positive that may swing the government and legislative entities that are still almost absolutely binary in nature. That is the Republican or Democrat parties that make a pubic display of fighting with each other, yet are indubitably tools of the really powerful ruling special interests and cartels.

There are some other than ideologues in the Republican Party, and there are Libertarians or Liberty Leaning Republicans and of course Independents as well. There are some issues that Democrats could be of assistance on, but in this climate of extreme ideology, intolerance and hate on the Left wing of the political spectrum, I remain skeptical.

This is a prologue to the following on “Immigration Outside The Box.” An attempt, at the least, to prepare the field.

Mexico and the United States have always presented each other with problems, but also with opportunities as well. Attitudes that have been ingrained for years need to change to keep up with changing circumstance. Mexico is in many ways is a failed state, but progress has taken hold in many areas, and now that most of those that had been fleeing the drug war have fled to wherever they went to seek refuge, net immigration to the United States has dropped to a net zero, with just as many Mexicans leaving as arriving, and it shows every sign that it will remain that way. Emigration has also has slowed from Mexico because there is much more economic opportunity in Mexico than before. The reasons for this fact are not totally clear, but the facts are the facts, and they go into making up a new reality. And that reality yells out that building an expensive, hard to maintain, and an eminent domain legal and political nightmare wall along the Mexican border, while the favorite red meat course on the anti-immigrant barbecue, in reality has little to recommend itself. There is a better way.

When we look at the facts, and delineate and lay out what exactly the problem is and without judgment or pre-conception brain storm out the ideas, somehow magically, solutions can become apparent. Unfortunately the best and simplest solutions may not work, because they are politically poisonous. At the end of the solution we still have the American public and it is (especially as of late) raucous and irrational in the extreme, as are as well their representatives. Also Mexico has to sign off on the agreement, and they have red meat Mexicans that are just as intransigent to Americans as are Americans to them. It may never fly, but there is no 100% positive thing or 100% negative thing.

This is a proposal and argument for leasing out most of our border security. The most overwhelming positive aspect of this is the cost. The length of a potential wall on the U.S Mexican border is some 2000 miles from shining Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico; the length of the Mexican-Guatemalan border is only 600 miles. A wall to our south would keep out immigrants at a much cheaper cost than a northern wall. In addition Mexican ICE agents (or whatever they are called) will work for perhaps one-fifth of the cost to employ an American ICE Agent. There are other considerations as well.

Mexico doesn’t have to abide by legal “niceties” and “due process” and immigration hearings and lawyers etc. There essentially is no fourth amendment in Mexico and no real bill of rights that any one pays attention to. In the Mexican Constitution it is decreed that the Mexican President can throw out any foreigner at any time, for any reason at all. Billions of dollars can be saved here, and no one can blame the United States, because it’s not us, it’s the Mexicans doing all the mean things to the illegals.

Now we have been trying to farm out the drug war south of the border to the Mexican Government for years now, and it has not worked out too well. They take our billions, but they also take the cartels billions and the contraband flows like a river, with only an occasional back-up now and then. But no one can say the truth about any of this, because the American Security and prison establishment are making their billions too.

But the outsourcing of immigration enforcement can work. If the Mexicans don’t do it then they don’t get paid.

The Devil, of course, is in the details. But something needs to be done. The choices that confront us now are really no choices at all. No one really believes that a “big beautiful wall” on our southern border is going to work, and the democrats have nothing to offer other than surrender.

A “modest proposal”(shades of Jonathan Swift). I have not seen it expounded elsewhere.

Next week: How to exponentially reduce drug war harm



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