The immigration deportation terror that has gripped the nation is nowhere felt more intensely, than here in Deep South Texas. People are scared to show their faces, or go about normal activities, and “you ain’t seen nothing yet” as the saying goes. It probably will get more intense. Non-partisan, and meta analyses of Trump negotiation patterns tells us that until Democrats come to the negotiating table with hat in hand, he will probably keep turning up the screws. Also using fear, even unwarranted fear, to discourage illegal entry into this country can and will be used as a tool. This is part of the true art of negotiation. Another part is to ask for more than you really  want, so later on in negotiation, you can give it back, and there’s little pain involved because, after all, you didn’t want it anyway.

So when all is said and done, border security will be up, and some million or so will be deported, and a wall will be well under construction. Voters on all sides of the issue will be tired of hearing about it, and will be ready to make a deal. The question then becomes…

Will there be more than one side at the negotiating table?

If the demos are still full assault mode on the White House walls hoping to still bring down the Trump presidency, then the answer is no. If they realize they will have to survive and live under his administration, then yes, a compromise could be reached. Actually deporting 12 million illegals would cause more harm than it would good. To do it in a few years would entail legal shortcuts, cattle cars of Latinos heading south, and pictures everywhere of crying children sobbing for their parents…And it would be very harmful economically as well.

Now what is good for the country and what is good politically are two very different things. Let’s consider what each side can gain or lose by compromising.

Demos can bring comprehensive immigration to their constituency; a catch phrase and a promise fulfilled.

What they lose: Their on-going battle against the evil Republicans. The immigration issue is the major wedge  issue that attracts Mexican and Latino Voters to the Demos. Actually they don’t offer  much else. On most social issues for example, Mexican-Americans are much more in accord with Conservatives. Democrats are not going to want to lose their leverage here. Block and ethnic politics still reign supreme.

To come to a compromise to finally achieve “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” would entail recognizing and dealing with the Trump voter coalition; they need to be thrown a bone. A great “Wall of Trump” should do it. That and a maybe a couple million deportations or so, concentrating on criminals and others unfortunate enough to swept up in the dragnet. Tourists that overstay their visas are the most numerous illegal immigrants and they can be tracked and traced much more efficiently than they are now. If innocent Americans can be tracked, traced, and listened to without limitations, then it would seem logical to apply these techniques to foreigners in this country that are quite likely to violate immigration law.

Also there are holds on credit cards and other techniques as well that can help slow tourists with intent to overstay visas, and having persons applying for benefits of any type that involve the Federal Government should require proof of legal residency. This can be done, but it will involve most likely, court fights. And of course Federal Funds are involved in all sorts of state activities and functions.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform should include a regularization of residency  status. Trump supporters might be willing to accept normalization say after 10 years underground in the United States; At first a probationary, then a residency status. But as for citizenship, that is another thing. Here we get into voting and that involves changing the culture and law of a country by persons that essentially invaded that country. A big sticking point for Republicans, and of course what good are immigrants to Democrats if they can’t vote democratic?

The Pro undocumented immigrants crowd of Democrats and leftists show no respect at all for the Black and White people of the United States that have built this country for hundreds of years. And this is the undercurrent that people sense, consciously or unconsciously, and that they resent. No one wants to be called racist, or xenophobic, and backwards and ignorant, and cruel and lacking compassion. The insults are not helping solve the problem.

And, at the end of all the hoopla and brouhaha, the inescapable conclusion is that the United States needs immigration. The crops need to be picked, the grapes harvested, the meat processed, and the entrepreneurial spirit of Latino immigrants is inspirational. The issues presented here  could all be worked out. In the current climate of knee jerk confrontational politics they won’t be.



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