Conversant with this heart

I have been one conversant with this heart.
I have experienced pain, and then again,
I have not thought it was in vain to part.

I have wrung out an opulence of tears.
I have meandered through darkened paths,
Setting bonfires to extinguish fears.

I have stopped breathing and stood quite still
As lustful spirits stirred from fragile slumber
To squeeze old sins from the tip of a quill

With malicious intent to reveal all:
Entanglements of the flesh sans passion,
Nocturnal tremors conjured by moon glow

Creating faults upon glass surfaces, like art
I have been one conversant with this heart.

Julieta Corpus
March 28, 2013

Author: Julieta Corpus

Julieta Corpus has been writing since the age of eleven. She graduated from UTPA with a Bachelors Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. She’s been an elementary school teacher for the past eleven years, but has never stopped writing. She’s been published by UTPA”s Gallery Magazine, Tendiendo Puentes, a poetic anthology, Mesqite Review, STCC’s Interstice and Tierra Firme , and in the September 2009 issue of the Mcallen Monitor’s Festiva, Writers Edition. She also organizes poetry readings and is an active member and participant of the Rio Grande Valley Poetry Festival and the San Benito Writers forum. Julieta blames her penchant for the dramatic in her poetry to a life long addiction to Mexican soap operas. And she is a regular contributor to Writers of the Rio Grande


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2 Responses to I Have Been One Conversant With This Heart

  1. Julieta Corpus says:

    If I knew then what I know now…I still would not change a darn thing. Thank you for reading me. Julieta La Poeta

  2. Eugene "Gene"Novogrodsky says:

    …have heard many of Poeta’s works – they have a deep honesty, this one included …. If on e takes time, Poeta’s voice/person emerges ….

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