Honey-suckle Scent


Honey-suckle scent

The day I left the womb

Choosing to start late

I’ll arrive late to my tomb

So I got far behind

Heavy shit hit the fan

Be it my fault or another’s

It’s tough to be a man

But spring time raindrops fall

As apples fall from trees

Out of love a child was born

In the honey-suckle breeze

Heavy shit hit the fan

Cycles are kind and cruel

Each man in his life

Plays both sage and fool

The day she left the womb

A rainbow Heaven sent

Be it my fault or another’s

Honey-suckle scent


Author: Ken “Bluetown” Trevino

Ken Bluetown Trevino is a poet, a playwright, surfer, father, and husband. He has a Bachelor of Arts in English from Incarnate Word College, and Associate of Arts in Behavioral Sciences from San Antonio College, and is currently working on his Masters in English at UT Brownsville. He has two daughters, one wife, four cats, one boxer (Duke), and a turtle named Shelly. When he is not working he enjoys reading, writing, and being with his family in Tepic, Nayarit, Mexico. Bluetown resides in Port Isabel Texas.


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