I had a crush on Maria

She was older by at least 3 years

I was just a boy

Manneqin Girls

Mannequin Girls


I would yell out at her and hide

She would never turn though

She would just walk faster

She seemed scared walking through the neighborhood


I went to public school

She went to St. Mary’s Catholic Church

She would pass by my house everyday.



-Pretty with full lips and a dimple when she smiled

-yet simple


Maria couldn’t hurt a fly

Shy too


I think she was Honduran.


One day the other girls from the hood

Approached her and made fun of her

Knocking the books out of her hands

-Pulled her hair

-Called her names

She cried all the way home.


Years went by

She became friends with the same girls who bullied her.

She knocked books out of other hands

-Pulled hair

-Called names

-Laughed all the way home


Maria was no longer





Even the prettiness diminished.


She was dark

Scared no more

She was part of the hood.

She belonged.


Mascara and eyeliner

Shielded her eyes

That once cried tears of fear


Blankets her once trembling thin lips


One over her left breast

The name of the vato

Who popped her cherry!



Crying brats tugging at her skirt

Youth gone.


Baby daddy gone too.

25 to life


In her child’s bedroom

the razor blade cuts deep

a few inches from the heroin tracks

Just below her tattoo with her barrio’s hood in

Old English ink


Over in the prison

He swings from the ceiling at the news.

Her name was Maria

His name was Jose



Author: Edward Vidaurre

Born in East L.A., CA in 1973, Raised in Boyle Heights in the projects of Aliso Village, Known to his friends as Barrio Poet, Vidaurre says:” Sometimes the barrio claims us, holds us by our feet like roots in its field of chalk outlines closed off by the screaming yellow tape being pulled from its soul.”
Vidaurre is the founder of Pasta, Poetry & Vino and Barrio Poet Productions. He has been nominated for a pushcart prize for his poem, “Lorca in the Barrio” and is working with VAO publising on an on line literary journal called “La Noria” and also is co-editing an anthology called “Twenty” for Newtown, CT through El Zarape Press with Daniel Garcia Ordaz and Katie Hoerth. Vidaurre is the Arts Events Coordinator for the City of Edinburg, TX.


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    Great work Vato

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