This breaking news is shocking of the attack on an American Consular Official in Guadalajara Mexico, and it well could be a harbinger of a re-arrangement of the terrorist world paradigm. But maybe it is not so unexpected, and in point of fact, could be considered to be inevitable as the inexorable march of radical Islamic Jihad, extends it’s reach farther and farther. In this case into the Americas.

This story brings to mind a conversation I had with a Mexican National from the “Regio Monterrey” or the Monterrey area concerning Islamic Terror becoming any sort of an issue in Mexico. He said, at the time, that he didn’t think so. Mexico had very little to do with the Islamic World, so why should Mexico be attacked? There was very little here to initiate conflict.

I replied that well, the people of Mexico were Christian and that one of the Islamic Terror Consortium’s wet dreams was to take over the Vatican and turn it into a giant mosque. That this could be enough of a reason. More important is that there is considerable Muslim immigration to Mexico, both legal and not, and according to polling many of these immigrants hate the United States as “The Great Satan” and the Uncle Sam has his fingers in many a Mexican Pie. Mexico could well be caught in the crossfire.

To continue: Mexico is not vetting Muslims and Mexican officials can easily be paid off to look the other way and organized crime and cartels are legion and some of them are bound to take the terrorist money to help facilitate terrorist activities. According to Border Patrol sources, mostly unofficial, a significant portion of the OTM’s or Other Than Mexicans are Islamic.

So is this attack on U.S officialdom in Mexico an anomaly, or is it a shadow looming of darker days to come. The investigation is just beginning and extradition of the suspect from Mexico to the United States is to come, hopefully shortly.

Stay tuned for further developments


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