Founded in 2009, Writers of the Rio Grande is a fast growing literary, poetry, music, film and information/news site focused on the arts with a growing community of both contributors and readers.

We focus on material and topics of interest in Texas and the border communities of the United States and Mexico and always on the lookout for great material from whichever direction it comes.

We are always inviting guest artists…writers, poets, musicians, painters and photographers… to share their work with our readers and other artists. Our wish is to create a platform for dialogue among artists and art enthusiasts. Short stories, poetry, songs, spoken word, book and film reviews, border relations and security, opinion and editorials, video, photos, paintings and more.

It is not in our budget to pay for articles but we do link and promote each artist generously. Some of the benefits include:
*2 backlinks in the post
*contributing membership to the site that includes an avatar and short bio
*your work being promoted on our Facebook and Twitter networks
*feedback from readers and other artists

Guidelines for Submitting Work
1. We only accept posts related to the arts and border news. If not sure about a topic, just fill out the contact form below.
2. There is no formal length requirement.
3. There is no limit to external links to other relevant sites and content text. You can also include images and other media to explain the topic.
4. Please run your article through a spell-checker before submitting.
5. If you have a relationship to the project or website you’re writing or mentioning in your article, disclose that relationship.
6. Please include a short bio including your name, blog / project, website etc.
7. For paintings, photography, music and video, we will make arrangements to transfer larger file sizes.
8. Please include a photo image to use as an avatar.

To begin the process, please fill out the short form below and we will contact you through email.

Submit Your Work Below


2 Responses to Guest Artists

  1. avatar Isaac Zepeda says:

    wrote some new stuff and wanted to post some submissions. Not really sure how the process goes.

  2. avatar Editor says:

    Hello Isaac, Thanks for contacting us. I’ll email you. Rick

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