Grief with Graphite

The walking wounded traverse

worlds of gossamer, moonlit places

filled with moans ricocheting off

permanently tear-stained walls.

Eyes downcast, naked feet–

these penitents of sorrow suffocate

under the burden of constant dread.

Internal earthquakes pulverize bone.

Taking small, measured steps, shuffling

towards nighttime to a recurrent dream

where the beloved speaks, laughs

embraces. Death is a distant memory


a guttural wail erupts







How I love the small, swiftly
beating heart of the bird
singing in the great maples;
its bright, unequivocal eye.

-Jane Kenyon

Author: Julieta Corpus

Julieta Corpus has been writing since the age of eleven. She graduated from UTPA with a Bachelors Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. She’s been an elementary school teacher for the past eleven years, but has never stopped writing. She’s been published by UTPA”s Gallery Magazine, Tendiendo Puentes, a poetic anthology, Mesqite Review, STCC’s Interstice and Tierra Firme , and in the September 2009 issue of the Mcallen Monitor’s Festiva, Writers Edition. She also organizes poetry readings and is an active member and participant of the Rio Grande Valley Poetry Festival and the San Benito Writers forum. Julieta blames her penchant for the dramatic in her poetry to a life long addiction to Mexican soap operas. And she is a regular contributor to Writers of the Rio Grande


One Response to Grief With Graphite (A Poem For Mom)

  1. Julieta says:

    I wrote this poem in Dr.Schneider’s class a couple of semesters ago @UTPA. Thank you, Edgar, for publishing it and for your continued support.


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