Donald Trump wants a ‘Great Wall of Mexico” and curiously enough the Mexican Government seems to have been co-operating with him. Mexican and American relations have always been weird and now are getting weirder every day.

Donald Trump wants a border wall. These statistics show Mexico is a step ahead of him. 

As they say: You can’t make this stuff up.

The Obama Administration has been more or less inviting and facilitating Central Americans to cross into the United States and then be transported north to awaiting family members. At the same time the Pena-Nieto administration has been implementing a crack down on it’s southern border. Pressure from the United State and bribe money (oops, I mean “aide” money) are a given in this situation, or it would not be happening.  One theory, and maybe the most likely is that the powers that be in Mexico realized that their policy of ignoring the migrants was not working. Mexican officials would extort the Migrants at times, and other times ignore them. This was doing nothing for the jefes, the people at the top. Also more and more Central Americans have been staying in Mexico, and you will hear the same complaints that are made in the United States…driving down wages, taking jobs from Mexicans, increasing crime etc.

But more than any of that having an uncontrolled southern border means uncontrolled contraband was inundating Mexico and the Jefes (the criminal elite) were losing money. As a side note the former policy of ignoring the southern border was fertilizing and propagating organized crime in Mexico. When money or power can be made from chaos, chaos is encouraged. But Mexico has as much chaos as a country can stand. Anymore, and it just may fall.

We’re staying tuned for further developments.


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