Thoughts on “Get The Gringo” and on Bad Boy Mel Gibson

No matter how you feel about Mel Gibson, and I must admit to deeply mixed feelings about the actor/director/action movie star, he can make some very good movies. At times even great films. Who can forget “Brave Heart” for example? He is deeply controversial, and, I think he would admit this himself, deeply flawed; but he goes for it and doesn’t hold back. That is an enormous plus. You too may have found, as have I, that enormously talented people can have equivalent sized character flaws as well.

On the minus side he has made anti-Semitic remarks, which he has retracted, but has refused to distance himself from his father’s views (an admitted anti-Semite), and has been caught in some very embarrassing tirades that were secretly recorded. I pity the woman that marries this man, even if she walks away with an enormous divorce settlement. And literally, not as in just a figure of speech, Mel is more Catholic than the Pope. That’s only curious, we don’t need to get into that, that’s an internal squabble.

The Mexicans just love him. He’s made two movies inMexico, and they treat him like visiting royalty. “Get The Gringo” or in Spanish “Atrapen El Gringo” should do very well in Mexico and Latin America. I have not seen the film yet, but the consensus seems to be that the film delivers the goods. The Old  Mel, of course is not the Young Mel; we need to just chalk this up to the facts of life. Also it will open up the doors of perception for people across the world on the prison system and it’s almost complete corruption in Latin America, and increasingly in the United States.(The world leader in imprisonment by far). Not to say that “Get The Gringo” is all about social consciousness and uplifting the social order, but Mel Gibson frequently has a message in his movies.

“Acopalypto” and “The Passion of The Christ” were daring movies

Hollywood  was very hesitant, even non-participatory in it’s funding. Now they have turned their backs (not without cause) on any Gibson project.Hollywood is not the place to be making anti-Semitic remarks, or holding  any bias against the Children of Abraham. (Side note: The cousins of the Children of Abraham have been investing heavily in Hollywood as well. Now that I think of it, the Chinese are too). Could the way to control the American People be through controlling what goes into their movies? Duh…

The movie was filmed partially in Brownville Texas as well as in Veracruz  Mexico,It’s playing in theatres inMexico now, but not here in theUnited States. But I for one am going to watch it. (See bottom of page)

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Mel Gibson movie filmed in Brownsville skips American theaters 

A career criminal (Gibson) nabbed by Mexican authorities is placed in a tough prison where he learns to survive with the help of a 9-year-old boy.

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