zimtrayThe Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman trial has ended in Florida. A long way from the United States/ Mexican Border. There are few Peruvian Americans and relatively few African Americans here as well, along the frontera. But some of the issues raised in this imbroglio remain.  The nightmare of the 2nd degree murder trial has ended in acquittal for George Zimmerman, but many of the points that have been brought up by the case that will resonate with the citizenry for a long while to come. 

 First off is the issue of self defense. Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona are all big on defending one’s family and self from attack. California, not so much. In many states and countries  self-defense is considered a crime and you will be prosecuted. I have heard that in New York even if you are being badly beaten, you are not supposed to “Take a gun to a fist fight.” If you shoot to even save your life, you will be prosecuted for manslaughter.

 In England, even crashing a lampshade on a burglars head while he is attempting to rape your wife will land you in trouble with the courts. I’m glad that I do not live these jurisdictions. For many the right of self defense is sacred and God given.

 Across the Mexican Border people have no right to firearms or weapons and suffer victimization by corrupt authorities, criminal gangs, and assorted criminals to the tune of tens of thousands of persons every year. As opposed to say the Texas side of the border, where the murder rate per year can be up to 50 times less. And now in the Zimmerman/Martin case, the gun control lobby, which includes most specifically the Federal Government and the Justice Department, self defense and gun ownership are being equivocated with racism. What next?

 Pretending that the police can protect you when their response time is an hour or more, and perhaps a hundred miles away in distance, is beyond absurd. Yet the gun controllers want one federal law for the whole country. It’s much easier when you can change the direction of the horse’s head; then the whole rest of the body must follow.

 Laws may be forthcoming on the federal level to solve what is essentially another phony issue; i.e. white on black crime. While even one incident is a tragedy, the facts are that blacks commit murder and other crimes of violence against whites at a far greater rate than the other way around. Young black men also kill other young black men in enormous numbers…

 Just as the gun controllers have used children as pawns in their gun rights take a way schemes when  children are normally not killed by guns, and the occasional act of gun terror can be resolved simply by arming responsible adults in the schools, the people with an agenda will use any tragedy or crisis to further their agenda, The facts do not count.

 The fact is that if  the right of self-defense is repealed along with the 2nd amendment, life along the US/ Mexico border could become unsustainable. Many people have fled the border states in Mexico…And when we as well, become defenseless against rape, murder, robbery and extortion, as in Mexico, while life may become more politically correct, I think it will be time to leave.

Author: Editor


2 Responses to George Zimmerman And The Mexican Border

  1. Eugene "Gene" Novogrodsky says:

    …and Editor Edgardo feels that a weapon is best for protection defense in this crazed world, especially on the US-MX border ….Could be correct. But I’ll work on finding the best in people, minus a weapon in hand ….Paz Pan Salud

    P.S. Try inviting the bad person to tea, coffee or beer, talk ….

  2. Eugene "Gene" Novogrodsky says:

    …was thinking on “stand your ground.” Fine, but that, to me, doesn’t mean going out of one’s way to shoot, got it? Too many are truly looking for a lame excuse to shoot! paz pan salud

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