"Looking" performed by Gardo Band in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas


Our music comes from many sources…It starts out with a feeling then an idea, and the music rises up to express that idea and feeling. The folk music of the 60’s was seminal, it was real, but everything must grow and develop, and other influences came into play. You can hear Rockabilly and Blues and Bluegrass and other influences that can’t be defined…and we never bury my lyrics; the music and the meaning are inseparably combined, like love and care, like clouds and rain…like joy and the inevitable end of joy.
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“Looking Video”

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Dancing Into Eternity Video

I Gotta Change 

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Beyond The Moon

Little Lost Love

Barrio Girl by Gardo Band

Barrio Girl Video

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Spoken Word

Colors in Grey

by Gene Novogrodsky performance by Gardo

Colors in Gray

Colors in Gray


Illuminated Vest

By Gene Novogrodsky performed By Gardo

Guns  by Edgardo


Scarlet Dove

Pure Dust

Above The Ground

Chill by Gene Novogrodsky performed by Gardp

When The Holocaust Comes

Belly Of The Beast


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