A coat of paint and

A new banner in the turret


The Transformer (Optimus Duplicitus)war machine

Is now the new ever more fun ride

At the corporate happy place complex

Of  thrills, dollars and death


It consoles old men


That “someone is taking down Al-Quaeda

The terrorist messed with the wrong country man”

As the TSA strums a song on their catheter line

And bangs colostomy bags like drums

Who says security can’t be fun?


Even those that complain

Do not dare mention his name

The new cool commander with

The even cooler wife


You can’t say nothing

You will be shunned

Even I don’t dare speak the name

You know it is verboten


And at least half of everyone

Will hear no more

Become numb to reason or to rhyme

To all that is yet to be said


Put up a sign

This mind is closed for the season.

Such a shame…


Some one once said that Mexico was dictatorial perfection…

It had convincing trappings of democratic rule

Yet the people had no voice or choice

And most of all they could ever have was quickly stolen


This may be true  but to a greater degree

Look to the land of the Yankee

The truth is plain

For all who choose to see


And for those that don’t choose

The choice will be made for them

Author: Editor


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