“Many of us grow up with a dream, but what stops us from realizing it? Throughout our lives, we will face tremendous obstacles. All of us are different-we all have different dreams, but what we share in common is that we will all face adversity at one point in our lives. As we face these trying times, we are faced with decisions that will determine the roads we travel in life. It is these choices that make us who we are. You are in control of your destiny. You can realize your dreams. It is time for you to begin your journey. I created this website to be a guide for young people in the Rio Grande Valley that are looking to change their lives, work for a better tomorrow, and realize their dreams.
In 2011, Homero Salinas Jr. and I founded “elRenovatioFilms”. An independent film company. We have worked on six projects together. We have focused on some topics that we feel are current and relevant. We hope that our stories resonate with our audiences and look forward to making many more.”
Leo Lopez III Rio Grande City High School Class of 2007

Rio Grande Valley Alumni Database

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