Border Beach Great Wall of Trump, writersoftheriograndeYou know this election has been very different, and things on the border have been very different as well. It’s been something else…Usually at this time, and this time is December 26, 2016, there is always a huge drop-off in illegal entry into the United States. Mexicans and OTM’s or other than Mexicans, stay home to celebrate the Christmas Season, which takes several weeks; not until well into the New Year do crossings of the border get back into full swing. This year is different, in fact in some many ways 2016 is a different stand alone year compared to many others.

With the election of Donald Trump, or El Don Tromp, as some people call him, there has been a sea change. At this time, normally the slowest time of year for Border Crossers, things have reversed themselves and are only starting to become more and more voluminous in terms of undocumented persons. The thinking of the uninvited visitors is that the Great Border Wall will go up in earnest come January 20th with the inauguration of El Don Tromp, and things will only get more difficult. In truth it should take quite a while, and one thing for sure it will never come close to matching in reality what it is now in imagination. But, as many now say, with Donald Trump you never know.

Every one knows this as well: The Obama policies of letting all in, and sending them on their way to wherever they want to go, with only their promise to show up for a court date will come to a swift end on Jan 20th. This is the so-called “catch and release.”

Perhaps in a couple of years when the political sands have shifted and things have calmed down more equitable and reasonable solutions can be found to immigration issues. Let us hope that Mexico and Central America can participate in the coming economic boom that the United State will be experiencing.

Ground Zero in the unauthorized immigrant swarm, or invasion some would say, is the Rio Grande Valley. Many of the invaders are women and small children, who could have foreseen this. More in the Valley Morning Star.

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