Nine bodies dangling
From the Nuevo Laredo side
Of the border bridge
Nine bodies angling
In the early morning light
Five young men
Four young women
Targets of a tribal spat
Over who knows what
The cartel message hanging
Clear as the sun rose bright
Nine lives a deadly price
For half-a-down payment
To be paid in full at a later date
To clear the account
At a inflated rate
So the banner warning said in
Acid laced hate delivered
Without UPS or Fed-X
A punctual act exacted
In a public place
Sin abrazarse
Sin despedirse
De todo
Sin nada
The uncommon commonly
Become mundane
The poetry of youth
Strung up long ago
Innocence no longer prized
Pearls cast before swine

(Borderland Beat)

Author: Fernando Esteban Flores

I am a native Texan residing in San Antonio, graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Arts in English and have taught writing at various San Antonio secondary schools.
Brief publication history:
• Juried poet in the Houston Poetry Fest 1998, and 2000; the San Antonio Poetry Festival in 1994 and 1995.
• Published in the Texas Observer, SA Express-News, RiverSedge, Houston Poetry Fest Anthology, the San Antonio Current, Voices de la Luna, The Americas Review, The Maverick Press, Written with a Spoon: a Poet’s Cookbook (an anthology of poetry and recipes by Sherman-Asher Press, Santa Fe, NM), “Is This Forever or What?”(Green Willow Books, Naomi Nye, editor—an imprint of Harper Collins), The Americas Review; nominated for a Pushcart Prize in poetry.


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