(Elegy for December 31st)

The last day of the year
Holds on for dear life
Relegated to the archives
Of pre-determined dates
Among the paltry & the poetic
Moments that will never be
Quite duplicated
364 have met such fate
Without much fanfare
Thó we would like to hold on to
The choicest ones
Soon this day will fade
Like the kings of old
To its own dusty forgotten grave
In the vaulted cathedral
Of accumulated hours
Prepared from the day of its
Glorious & celebrated beginning
Wish it well Toast to its memory
Wherever you watch
The drama of this night unfold
Remembering the blood & sweat
You gave to it
Knowing you might have done better

© 2014 Fernando Esteban Flores

Author: Fernando Esteban Flores

I am a native Texan residing in San Antonio, graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Arts in English and have taught writing at various San Antonio secondary schools.
Brief publication history:
• Juried poet in the Houston Poetry Fest 1998, and 2000; the San Antonio Poetry Festival in 1994 and 1995.
• Published in the Texas Observer, SA Express-News, RiverSedge, Houston Poetry Fest Anthology, the San Antonio Current, Voices de la Luna, The Americas Review, The Maverick Press, Written with a Spoon: a Poet’s Cookbook (an anthology of poetry and recipes by Sherman-Asher Press, Santa Fe, NM), “Is This Forever or What?”(Green Willow Books, Naomi Nye, editor—an imprint of Harper Collins), The Americas Review; nominated for a Pushcart Prize in poetry.


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