Dreamers: Out of the shadows Otras Voces is now accepting submissions for its anthology Dreamers: Out of the Shadows. The submissions include personal narratives (stories) and poetry. The purpose of this anthology is to bring forth the stories of success and struggle of those who’ve had to live in the shadows because of their immigration status and would benefit from the DREAM Act.

Please note: submissions that do not follow the guidelines below are unlikely to be accepted.

Send all submissions to: [email protected]

1) Submissions are open from March 25 to May 25 at midnight. Submissions sent after that date will not be considered.
2) Works that are not in English should be followed with a translation
3) Works submitted need to include one or more of the following topics
a. Living in the shadows
b. Overcoming obstacles
c. How would the DREAM Act make a difference in your life?
d. How do you feel about the government’s indecision to pass a comprehensive reform
4) Include your works as an attachment.
5) Each page should have your name.
6) Please include a short biography in the body of your email with your name, country of origin, state where you live, and occupation. *Note: you don’t need to include your address.
Submission format/ Poetry
7) You can send up to three (3) poems, one poem per page.
8) The poems should not include foul language
Submission format/ Personal narrative (story about you)
9) You can send up to one (1) personal narrative. Two pages, double space.
10) Use Times New Roman, point 12
We will respond to all submissions as quickly as possible. However, the time taken to respond depends on the volume of submissions received.
Each contributor accepted will receive one (1) copy of the anthology.
The profit from the sales of the anthology will go to a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to give legal help to DREAM Act petitioners.

Editors: Rossy Evelin Lima, Brenda Nettles Riojas and Gerald Padilla

Facebook page dreamers: out of the shadows

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