Do rats dance?
Or do they just skitter
Like the mind of a monkey if it were
A cool drop on a hot skillet?…

Does a man when he vows to ever after
Only intercourse with evil
For the rest of his days
Consort with corruption

In unnaturally insane matrimonial hiss

Is that warning hiss ripped
From a departing soul?

Will he ever sing, or ever more soulless scream
When emotion departs taking all of the heart
And rage alone moves what’s is left, what then?

A whimper perhaps for it needs requires nothing of compassion
Empathy no, a growl yes, a sigh?
Entertain not the notion

I’ve looked it in the eye many times
Here at the border where greed meets opportunity
Where the universal equalizer death,
Has become the favored tool to control life

And terror demands obedience of us all

And the wild goats and the mountain rams
The fleet foot deer and stallions at war
Are encircled in wire and wood
With their even more obeisant mates

Slaves and living fodder for the farmer and the rancher
And to whoever will let go of the required legal tender
For to order the slaughter of innocents

Author: Editor


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