Easy to be dizzy when in a beating-sun
Brownsville noon-time alley,
Sorting discarded clothes from a dumpster.

Lid umbrella propped, she holds, examines a shirt,
Drops it into a plastic bag.

Next, a blouse, stained brown,
Back into the Dumpster.

One bag filled,
The other flat.

No breakfast, weak coffee her liquid,
No hat, no sunglasses,
Her collection for the weekend sale in Matamoros.

Live on such?
A son works for a soda company,
Helps keeps the house.

Here, water, more water, and more water,
And an egg-filled taco.

Embarrassed to take,
Very embarrassed,
But the water and food restore between apologies ….

She’ll try to fill the second bag –
With the sun hotter ….

Eugene “Gene” Novogrodsky, late June 2012

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