Democracy or Oligarchy? letter


The Guardian, in its end of year double issue, raised a global question, which, of course, pertains to The United States.

What will the coming years hold, “democracy or oligarchy”?

The United States Congress with its favor-the-rich tax bill is certainly siding with the oligarchy.

The Guardian notes, “A tiny global elite is experiencing a great flourishing.”

The piece also notes that privatisation has dominated most nations’ legislation for 40 or more years.

Will the American public numbly vote for the proponents of oligarchy in 2018 and 2020?

The Guardian closes with: “Contemporary life rests on a fragile consensus that governance works when people believe it does. This faith

rests on the rich pulling their weight.”

Deep South Texas has not been served well by privatization and tax breaks for the rich.

How will the voters react when they see basic services, including healthcare, education and the environment short-changed, while a

handfulof tax bill benefits’ recipients laugh all the way to their private-island

vacations and move their millions to off-shore accounts?

Eugene “Gene” Novogrodsky


Author: Gene Novogrodsky

Eugene “Gene” Novogrodsky, a Brownsville resident for nearly three decades, writes North American border slices, from eastern Canada to central Mexico, and in between. He is one of the founders of the Narciso Martinez Cultural Arts Center Writers Forum in San Benito. He sometimes participates with the informal Resaca Writers Group in Brownsville. He prefers, however, to read to two or three attentive listeners – when asked!


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