Because of the recent shooting by a DPS helicopter along the US Mexico border near La Joya Texas, an examinination of deadly force is in order for, especially. Texas Law Enforcement and Federal as well. In the La Joya incident, two Guatamelan Illegal Immigrants were shot to death by a DPS sharpshooter in a helicopter. Their only crime at the time was being passengers in a pick up truck that had fled a traffic stop. Seems excessive to me.

Rules of engagement and when to use deadly force is a complicated issue. In general though civilian policing is much more restrictive than the Rules of Engagement in war. This distinction looks like it is becoming more and more obscured. Here are some links that may shed some light on the  subject:

by Edward Jones
The other day a veteran told me that during his service in Iraq his unit operated under rules of engagement that forbid the use of deadly force unless and until a weapon was seen. He believed the restriction made his unit’s work much more dangerous, but he was told it was required because of policy considerations.  Read More

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Police Rules on Deadly Force Examined By ALBERT J. PARISI
Published: August 07, 1988

 When can police officers use deadly force? 

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