When every native impulse has been tossed away
And you’ve no thoughts on how to keep on or have a clue to
Where your life might lead to or why
Or where might be found the inescapable end

Well we’ve arrived just in time! Not too late
The Day of The Dead Begins!

There is an answer to the hearts questioning of where this road might bend
A reassurance that the last stop of life is not just the repetitive finale of many inglorious ends
All of our love need not be entombed in the remnants of child, mate, lover, family or friend
No need to run from this matador in the killing ring…
(we call life)

Fight for life, spend the coins of the heart, even tarnished gold moiled from the meanest desire….
Give of all you have and all that you may borrow
Be all that you can for yourself, or for another.
Are you someone special? Or not. It doesn’t matter at all

To The Reaper…For he will have his way
You know he has a dreadful sway
His harvest is of the weak and old
The careless and the fool too
Fuel his blade

But tears sear the heart when the innocent and strong
The young with imaginations burning bright
Can bring us to our knees with their always badly timed demise
So vibrant, so shining with light, the more so the loss darkens the world…
Grieving the light..sweetness
That left too soon

You see, Death is not cruel and Death is not wise
But In the machinations of existence I’ve come to realize
It gives back! There is meaning to my meager time
In this fathomless, seeming cruel. Eternity…..
To live true you must live like the end is near
Thank you El Muerte but no abrazo just yet if you please

Some believe in forever, some just what they see right now
There’s heavens and hells and alternate planes and for some just a longing for a long dirt nap!
Theories of every cut, shape and size
Believe what you like
But realize…

We can not help but honor those that came before
That gave of themselves even when they could not
And took paths that led to rot
And destruction. with what we know of
Their service and, at times, unaware love;
With every failure or success
They gave their lives for us
Whether thy knew it or not

The sweet flesh of the present nourishes upon the aging meat of the past
As helplessly and hopefully entwined with
The Day of The Dead and the days of our lives…
And I believe that no one is ever left behind

Waves of life ripple on with our passing upon
Seas of immeasurable time
And so we sail, like ancestors, now descendants
Flying before and beyond the caress
O the Eternal wind

day of the dead

day of the dead writers of the rio grande

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  1. Eugene "Gene" Novogrodsky says:

    …hm, read this also! I’d forgotten its power!

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