Walk slowly… walk slower… take my hand

Listen, as I whisper sweet secrets for your ear

Stroll with me in the cool perfume scented eve

Or is it gardenia fragrance flowing off your wind brushed jet hair I smell, as I hold you

tenderly near

Lets keep this moment, to stand in tranquil silence, gazing out upon the moon’s rippled

silvery reflection

And remember how our seducing skin, too, rippled… the first time we kissed with

unbridled affection


Moons and moons and many, many sparking eyes have come anew with new renew

To look at us, to gaze upon us… awing and smiling, remembering too an olden love forever



Turn your radiant face towards lunas` misty breeze; I want to look into those bright-light-


Enchanting eyes, entrancing eyes, crystalline twinkling midnight skies eyes… My how time



Embrace me long, hold the bound, this coupled lassoed love, this heavenly arranged unity

Enthroned upon us, by creation’s Lord, blessed with a marriage, destined to live amorous

way beyond fifty


Dance with me; dance a long, slow, cheek to cheek moon beam spot light dance on our

favorite Padrebeach

Using passing sky shadow rinks as our dance floor, gently spinning, to a sloth two step

barefoot tempo


Savoring the ocean front night, piece by piece, moment by loving moment, like we did that

very first time

We joined our youthful bodies, atop a severed section of an ancient sea wall, battered by

the constant time

Of wave after pounding wave


That raised concrete slab, became our love alter where we offered our enamored affection

Up to the dark purple sky sending sensuous vibrations past the stars and beyond into


Dazzling the platinum bright, crescent witness sailing curiously by,


Seeing our passionate and enduring love…

It decides… to be the coupler to our reengaging betrothal.


Walk slowly, walk easy, walk with me…take my hand…

As I repeat, secret whispers for your ear.


Rudy H. Garcia 12/06/06


Author: Rudy H. Garcia

Rudy H. García, from Port Isabel, Texas, has a Master’s in Education from the University of Texas at Brownsville and earned a B.A. in psychology from Pan American University in 1976. He is a participant in the Narciso Martínez Cultural Arts Center Writers’ Forum, and is a founder of the Laguna Madre Writers Forum. Rudy has also been featured on the radio program “Themes and Variations.” His poems are published with “Poets of the East Village” in New York and he has been a featured reader for the El Paseo Arts Foundation and is published in numerous other magazines.


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