It has been only a short time since an American Islamic convert traveled to Guadalajara Mexico to attempt to assassinate an American Consular official. Here is another angle on the same issue.  

The Southern Border of The United States has been portrayed to be “in control” and very secure over the last eight years of the Obama Administration. However, there have been warning signs and reports from in Mexico and out of it in the Middle East, saying don’t get too comfortable gringos or infidels, depending on who is talking.

ISIS itself has been many times forthright about their plans, and they have made it plain that one of their plans for Jihad is to use the Mexican border. Middle Easterners and Pakistanis and Indians of the Islamic persuasion have been caught at the border. Last year 146 of them were on Homeland Securities Terror Watch list. For those concerned here are links to two recent articles.

Terror and the Mexico border: How big a threat? 

Muslim terrorists migrate to U.S. border 

BREAKING: Isis And Mexican Cartels Strike At U.S In Mexico



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