Christmas Comes in a Chevy TruckThe old truck shuddered in the wintry wind
As it struggled through the snow,
A young couple huddled inside
Knowing where they must go.
Cardboard covered where glass should be,
And the door was wired shut,
The young driver struggled hard
To stay in the icy ruts.
“We’ll be there soon, I promise, Maria,”
He said to the woman beside.
“I know Jose, it must be so,”
As she prayed for the life inside.
But the old truck skidded off the road,
And crashed in the snow piled high,
A piercing pain crossed Maria’s face,
And she began to cry.
“I cannot wait, he will be born
On this bitter winter night!”
And José held her close to keep her warm,
While praying with all his might.
Voices were heard and light pierced the snow,
As men dug out the old wreck,
The door was pulled off and they reached inside,
Bringing hope of a life turned back.
“There’s a baby here!” one man shouted,
As the others ran to his side,
“Let’s get ʼem warm and see this child
Born on this Christmas tide.”
Jose and Maria and their newborn son,
Were brought to a home with a fire,
As the men stood close by they all felt,
This Child was their hearts’ desire.

Author’s note: Story behind this poem. It’s based on actual events. People are real only names of young parents changed for obvious reason. Men who assisted were 3 cowboys coming from Elida, NM to Roswell. This event took place just outside Roswell. Baby was born in hospital (barely!) & cowboys stayed to celebrate birth & Christmas with young rancher family. Happened 2 days before Christmas. Fellow reporter friend of mine wrote the story as holiday piece. Made a nice Christmas story…and poem. published in my book, Prairie Wind, Poems & Stories.

Author: Norm Rourke

In addition to writing and performing poetry, I have been a staff writer for Persimmon Hill and The Ketchpen, publications of the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum. I have also been contributing writer and columnist for the Oklahoma News Weekly and have written pieces for the Sapulpa (OK) Daily Herald. I was also a columnist for the Henryetta (OK) Free Lance. I’m currently a contributor to the Oklahoma Observer (Oklahoma City) and I write for the Okmulgee (OK) News Network online publication. I’m also been a book reviewer for, Barnes & and for other publications.
I am a freelance writer and offer professional editing and communications consulting services for creative writers and business communicators. I organized a writers group—Okmulgee County Writers Roundup—and am past president of the Friends of Okmulgee Public Library.
Named to the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels by the governor of that state, I have lived in and written about places in New Mexico, Texas, Colorado and Oklahoma.


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