This interview with Charles Bowden takes place in 2013. It goes on for a good while, but he covers many subjects. Sometimes I don’t think the people of the borderlands appreciate how much they are at the cutting edge of global changes and grand experiments in societal evolution. Charles Bowden does.

In a world where capitol is free to chase the lowest wage, then to sell products at the highest price; where laws are written almost exclusively for the benefit of globalist corporate entity’s; the one interest that should be paramount is completely overlooked.  This is the workers welfare. The labor force is not free, it is constrained and confined to the country of origin. So the workers end up as literal wage slaves to the third world producing countries; and a drain on employment and wage levels in the first world consuming countries.

Mexico has been destroyed agriculturally as well. The globalist policies have amazingly enough managed to achieve inequality for all. The US Dept of Agriculture for instance has a bigger budget than does the whole country of Mexico. No wonder that Mexican tortillas are now made in America.

The Mexican diaspora is taking place for these and many other reasons. In the interview Mr. Bowden covers many of them. Also he addresses his unusual career and much more.

Needless to say, there are two governments involved here that are not run “Of, by,  and for the people” and this may be the major root of the problem.

Interview with Charles Bowden by Institute for Arts and Media April 2013


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