Turning the way back machine back to  1933, we find a fascinating piece of video from the border. This is a training film for the US Cavalry, in its twilight as a horse and mule oriented force. As a training film it doesn’t get into a lot of detail on what body of water the Army is crossing, or much of anything else other than the how to aspects of crossing an un-fordable body of water. Imagine doing this under enemy attack or fire.

 As this film was made under the auspices of Fort Brown, one could assume the substantial flowing body of water was the Rio Grande. Or maybe not. Crossing into Mexico by U.S. government forces would have aroused great umbrage in Mexico. Or perhaps at the time of the filming there was no real Mexican Government extant along the Rio Grande.

Our ancestors were bold and they were skinny. Today many Americans because of the obesity epidemic could just be floated across the river, like so many bundles of marijuana on a raft. These depression era soldiers had no such condition.

This is a fascinating video not just for history buffs, but horse lovers as well

 I for one an very impressed by the actions here of the Cavalry.   

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