Valley of Resistance: New Poets of the Rio Grande Valley is the working title for an upcoming print anthology composed of poets born in, raised in, or transplanted to the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas. The RGV is a unique landscape that has long been a site of migration and emigration, a meeting place and mixing-zone of peoples and cultures that has birthed a significant literature of resistance, including Gloria Anzaldúa’s Borderlands/La Frontera: The New Mestiza.
Although there are numerous anthologies that include poets from the RGV, we still do not have ONE anthology that can be the go-to text for readers, students, and scholars. The goal is to make Valley of Resistance the definitive anthology of RGV poets.
The anthology will be critically contextualized within the history of resistance in the Rio Grande Valley, be it social or literary. Questions such as “What is the work resisting?” and “What is it embracing?” will help guide the organization of content and open possibilities for thematic arrangements that trace the complex palimpsest of peoples and histories in this storied landscape. However, the subject matter, themes, and styles of the poems are wide open; the only requisite is that the poet is connected to the RGV in some essential way.
1. Submit 5-10 poems in one word document to [email protected]
2. English/Spanish
3. Send your BEST: new or previously published (By submitting, you guarantee you own the rights to the work. If previously published, credit source/s of publication).
4. A bio written in third person
5. Contact information
Octavio Quintanilla

[Call for Submissions Deadline November 30, 2017]