Posted by Daniel Garcia Ordaz on Facebook – Help us welcome the highly-anticipated Boundless 2014, the official anthology of the 7th Annual Rio Grande Valley International Poetry Festival!! The public is invited to meet the anthologized poets on Apr. 24 from 7 to 9 p.m. at the McAllen Chamber of Commerce (1200 Ash Ave.) Books and t-shirts will be on sale. ($10 each.) Please bring fruit, veggies, cheese tray or meat tray to share, as well as wine or beer.

FULL LIST OF POETS/POEMS ACCEPTED INTO BOUNDLESS 2014: Poets, thanks to all who submitted. This is possibly the strongest list of poems we’ve ever seen. Not every poet who submitted was accepted; however, please take it with a grain of salt and “just keep swimming” and improving your work! Many thanks to our editors, Katie Hoerth, Ileana Garcia-Spitz, and Edward A. Vidaurre for their selfless volunteer spirit. Please join us at Boundless 2014 Book Launch: Rio Grande Valley Int’l. Poetry Festival on Apr. 24 as we honor the following poets. Here’s our full, expanded list!
First Place:
Joy On The Heels of Brokenness by Loretta Diane Walker (USA)
Second Place:
Borders by Shirley Rickett (USA)
Third Place:
An Island Where The World Began by Shirley Rickett (USA)
Fourth Place:
Una Gota de Agua by Mateo Mansilla-Moya (México)
Fifth Place:
Cousins From The Past by Dikson Slam (Zimbabwe)
Honorable Mentions: (in alphabetical order)
Cormorants by Chip Dameron (USA)
Flowers On A Precipice by Kjell Nykvist (USA)
Her Daily Bread by Diana Dominguez (USA)
Refuge Seekers: Brenda Riojas (USA)
Te Busqué by Mateo Mansilla-Moya (México)
A Sudden Darkness: Loretta Diane Walker
An Island Where the World Began: Shirley Rickett
At 63: Jim LaVilla-Havelin
Before Crossing: Brenda Riojas
Borders: Shirley Rickett
Chupacabra Rising: Juan Manuel Pérez
Cocoon: James Griswold
Cormorants: Chip Dameron
Cousins from the past: Dikson Slam (Zimbabwe)
Day of the Dead: Beto Conde
Earth’s Vibrant Daughter: Richard Peake
Echo Hotel: P.W. Covington
El Rio Bravo: Laura Reagan-Porras
Encounters: Joanne Uppendahl
Flowers on a Precipice: Kjell Nykvist
For Christmas RGV: JoAnn DeLuna
Get to Know Each Body Early: Jeff Cannon
Goes by the Name Trouble-Maker: Juan Manuel Pérez
Go Into Someone’s Kitchen: Vivian Kearney
Got the Blues: Meliton Hinojosa
Grasshoppers: Ann Howells
Her Daily Bread: Diana Dominguez
I Have Been One Conversant With This Heart: Julieta Corpus
Immigrant Student Prayer: Rudy H. García
Joy On The Heels of Brokenness: Loretta Diane Walker
Just Because: Shirley Rickett
Learning Cursive: Diana Dominguez
Listening: Joanne Uppendahl
Local Thief: Gene Novogrodsky
Luna: Beto Conde
Memories Cascade Down: Kyle Sherman
Mother’s Message: Arturo Saldaña
Night Poets: Oscar C. Peña
Nothing Sad: Rudy H. García
Old Wind: Arturo Saldaña
Orange Blossoms: Saraí García
Original Sin: Diana Dominguez
Poorly Worded Crows . . . : Charles McGregor
Refuge Seekers: Brenda Riojas
Salaxpicious: César Leonardo De León
Seeking Smooth Air: Loretta Diane Walker
Smoke Box Rhythm & Blues: Oscar C. Peña
So What Have I Got to Complain About: S.A. Campbell
Souvenir: Scott Spanbauer
Sparrows: Ann Folgeman
Sweet Mary Dancing at the Cadillac: Oscar C. Peña
Tapestry: James Griswold
Te Busque/ I Looked For You: Mateo Mansilla-Moya
The Dun Horse: Joanne Uppendahl
The Phone Rang: Priscilla Celina Suarez
The Reaction: Trev Wainwright
The Way Home: Chip Dameron
Thinking of You: David Jamison
This is Not a Poem About the Future: Jim LaVilla-Havelin
The Was Once A Love Poem: Julieta Corpus
Twilight Hunters: Walter Birdwell
Una Gota: Mateo Mansilla-Moya
Wheelbarrow: Ann Howels
When I was Thirteen: César Leonardo De León
Who Cooks for You: Chip Dameron
Wild Seeds: Linda Romero
Worldwide Vanity: Kat Raines

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