A very revealing conversation with young political leaders in Texas was recently conducted in El Paso. The Italians are currently undergoing their own immigrant and/or refugee wave. Theirs are, of course, from North Africa. The reasons for this wave of refugees are varied, but just like here in North America, it could be said that a perfect storm of causation that has been brewing for some years has hit the shores of Italy.

The Mexican and Central American refugee wave to the U.S, as well as the wave from North Africa to Italy has at its roots two major factors: Poverty and war. From official to drug war to anarchy to terror war, in other words to some kind of anarchy and extreme disorder. Normally Italy would not be that much of a draw for immigrants. It has a moribund economy, jobs are scarce, opportunities limited, but immigrants figure they won’t be ethnically, religiously, or politically murdered in Italy, so it sure beats what is going on back home.

The causes of the calamity in North Africa are only casually addressed in the following article. But to touch one  briefly…The United States and European foreign policy, the de-stabilization campaign to rid the Mid East and North Africa of all secular, even semi-modern governments, and of course military intervention American imperialist style.

So at serious peril to their lives, the refugees keep coming; in North America and in North Africa.


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