November may be the month that is the most amenable of all to border folk. The hot weather has broken, and the Northers that sweep through only last a day or two, then the weather returns to delightful, if not right heavenly. Of course, all that has happened before is up for grabs now…nothing is really for sure.

In the Rio Grande Valley, Space X has come to Brownsville. The Rio Grande Valley is blasting off on corporate space exploration. The Winter Tourists are coming back as well, despite the negative publicity and reports of chaos and mayhem. The record breaking winter cold of 2013-2014 has convinced many to keep heading south. A week of below zero temperatures can be very persuasive.

Government on both sides of the border have shown a constant slide to less and less effectiveness to in the case of Mexico, a complete collapse of anything resembling law and order. Just recently three Americans were murdered just across the border from Progreso Texas, in addition to the Mexican boyfriend of the American female victim. They were abducted by reportedly by Members of the Hercules unit, the personal body guards of the Mayor of Matamoros, Leticia Salazar.

If there were a blonde involved here there would be much more in the way of mainstream news coverage, But there is not.

Incidentally Matamoros is the sister city of Harlingen Texas. Reportedly city officials found her mayorness exceedingly pretty and charming, My advice to them would be to be proceed with extreme caution. not just with her Honor, but with all Mexican Politicians.
So far local American Officials may be involved with Boss Hogg levels of corruption, but in Mexico even the most minor of Politicos is never far from the International drug trade.

Nuevo Progreso seems still to be safe for tourists, if not for anyone else. Criminals and cops have not come up with a routine yet to milk tourists on anything more than a casual basis. Let’s hope they don’t get around to it.

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