Among many disturbing trends in South Texas and all along now both sides of the border, one thing is becoming more obvious. The new Mexican Administration of Pena Nieto is at once decreasing the military presence, especially in the border states, while simultaneously clamping down on reporting on the Drug War. It’s the three monkey technique of hear no evil. speak no evil, but in this case instead of “do no evil” it’s do all the evil you can get away with.

The Mexican reporters and press have been truly terrorized over the years, but now more and more media outlets have been knuckling under to the Cartel threats and extortion. Now, even more than before,the so-called American mainstream media is turning not one, but two blind eyes to what is happening below the American border.

So we have an unholy trinity engaged in a perhaps, unwitting conspiracy of silence The Drug Cartels first and foremost, some of whom recall that the key to longevity in a large criminal enterprise is secrecy and staying anonymous.  Then  both the Mexican and the American ruling class that obviously think that the way things are going is just fine.

They’re still making the pesos.

Contando la lana.

MEXICANMILITIAREYNOSA: The Truth of The Government…and the Real Truth
Tuesday, March 12, 2013

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