There has been a firestorm and a tsunami of controversy over the tidal wave of  immigrants from Central America that is overlapping our southern border, especially the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. Opinions over the cause and the ramifications of this human wave have unfortunately, if not predictably, split along party lines. The Sisters of Mercy, for example, insist that the causation of immigrant Central American children showing up at the north bank of the Rio Grande is violence and chaos in their home countries, not to mention extreme poverty.

Admittedly, a factor. But when I find  my credulity yanked, I always pay attention. In fact, my credulity seems to be under attack from all sides.

The conservatives predictably blame Obama for the “humanitarian crisis” and they have a point. The signals that Central Americans have gotten from Obama have been mixed at best, and the word has gone out that children would be given “permisos” or some kind of legal status when they reached the U.S. That has happened, they are not detained, but shipped immediately to relatives inside the country, many of which are undocumented or illegals, however you want to say it. To say that young Central American children within the space of a few weeks would suddenly make one of the most hazardous journeys in the world of over a thousand miles because of violence, poverty and chaos that has existed for many years in their home countries is something that defies both instinct, common sense and the facts. Sorry Sisters of Mercy   

Also the rumors of “permiso” and residency status appear to be part of a concerted campaign. Part of a concerted human smuggler campaign or something greater. Reason tells us that it is something greater.

Of course what few will say is the very crux of the matter. as it almost always is. Solutions here are international in scope. Right now the real players are doing what they do. Playing with North America and the rest of the world. We are but pawns.

Many are mystified why the United States pays so little attention to Latin America. I am as well. We are so concerned with countries halfway across the world that have little to nothing to do with us.

So Latin America might be just where it is meant to be. Poor and easily exploited. The rich and powerful can become so very rich, that power becomes more important than being rich. But I am expanding beyond the boundaries of the short commentary.

If you want to know the truth you must forget your politics. This is one thing that I know to be truth.



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