Border artists are making an impact not just artistically, but also politically. In a situation where governments and politicians are either failing to deal with issues on the border of life and death, or are disinclined to even confront them, artists, writers, and performance artists are stepping up to the plate. In fact on the Mexican side they are at times, the only media that has not been silenced. A combination of terror and bribery has closed the Mexican border media down as far as relevant and true journalism… And yes, even in the art world terrorism and threats are very real.

There has been national coverage of “la frontera” as of late. The mainstream media has been attempting to be more relevant as of late in the United States
New York Times

Spillover Violence

Blood Flows Up

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  1. Eugene "Gene" Novogrodsky says:

    Glad Editor Edgar used this, partially, from the New York Times. One of the fatured artists, Patricia Ruiz, might be
    profiled by Editor Edgar if he can catch up with her and her impassioned work in Matamoros. (And as ever, add, Ah! Border!)

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