San Miguel de Allende was claimed to be a “magical city” of Mexico by the government and for once they weren’t lying. It is a colonial city going back to the earliest post Aztec era in Mexico. Very beautiful, and for a long time very peaceful. And it was, and still is, if only for now, a foreign currency magnet attracting dollars and “loonies” (Canadian Currency) and other ex-patriot money from around Latin America and the world.

However the ex-pats are getting nervous. San Miguel was once protected by it’s location. It essentially is on a road to nowhere and is not part of any major drug corridor. So the major Mexican cartels had little to no interest in the town. However, what was at one time, an extremely lucrative smuggling enterprise has metastasized into a Narco criminal state y mas, a criminal state that has sucked much of the enterprise and government of Mexico down a black hole. And what hasn’t been absorbed yet is circulating the event horizon. As the security agencies, police and armed forces and all have become more than just passive spectators and referees amongst the mobs, criminal activity of all sort has exploded. And the ex-pats are becoming targets more and more. They have some money and that is all that it takes to make oneself a target.


The neo-PRI regime of Ernesto Pena-Nieto is learning that there is no going back to the days of total, but somewhat orderly corruption of the PRI party. The game has changed, there are new players now and they all play very rough. I don’t have to describe it, if you have been following what is happening in Mexico.

In the old days the drug gangs were more like pit bulls who would chew up whoever you wanted them to, but they could still be pets in their off times. Now they are more like T-Rexes, under no ones control, and dangerous to their masters as well as their prey. And Mexican society has changed…

Families in Mexico have become more and more dysfunctional, following the lead of the United State.

And so we have what we have today. Here’s a take on the story

 Boomer Expatriates Demand Security


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