Going back through the history of drug prohibition Texas has always been one of the harshest states in the nation when it came to penalties for drug possession. There’s a lot to be proud of in Texas, but the state stance on this issue is not one of the things to be proud about. Back in the beginning of the modern era of the so called “drug war” it was not uncommon for a defendant convicted of possession of even a miniscule amount of marijuana to serve ten years. Life senternces were available to judges for larger amounts as well. There indeed has been a holocast, and a real war on mostly otherwise harmless people and their families.

Finally a step in the right direction.

On the border marijuana laws don’t just impact what many Texans would call “them durn potheads.” In addition to the enormous taxpayer burden, marijuana is the cash crop that fuels the drug gangs in Mexico, who along with the government, may have murdered as much as 100,000 over the last six years. There are home invasions on a regular basis and kidnappins, as well as refugees fleeing the violence.

On a side note: Many folk along the border no longer dare no longer visit Mexico. Many of them have family there.
Just another casualty.

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