Here’s What People Are Saying About The Waco Shootout And Race

The following two are articles include a commentary by the editor of the writers of the rio grande on an article on the NPR website entitled “Here’s What People Are Saying About The Waco Shootout and Race.

That is followed by a response from Gene Novogrodsky. I must give him at least a C grade for Compassions

May 18, 2015

We sure are splitting language hairs on these biker gangs. I haven’t been keeping up with it too much, but I know the “authorities” have been less than forthcoming about the Waco shoot out…Why do they always act so suspicious? It’s very possible that the police did most of the shooting and killing. I guess we will know in time. Or maybe not.

This is my take on the semantic hair splitting in the NPR article
All the verbiage is related and means pretty much the same thing.
But rioters and thugs apply mostly to more disorganized and non-focused individuals, who are members of the gang of rioters at that particular event for the duration of the theft and destruction,
Thugs can be individuals only, or in a loosely knit organization. There is a lot of class consciousness in the word. It refers to those who are physically violent for little apparent reason in addition to being violent in the course of robbery and other crimes etc. It definitely has a lower class connotation.
For example a professional assassin would rarely be referred to as a “thug” He would most likely be called a sociopathic criminal, but as he is highly focused, well payed, and is committing atrocities not for fun but for remuneration, he would rarely be called a thug, and certainly not a rioter.

By the same token Wall Street, political, and other white-collar criminals are never called thugs…Not even gangsters. In the libertarian alternative media there is a new term however, they are called “banksters”
I think mostly the terminology falls along class lines, not really racial lines. For instance, a mugger who steals $100.00 is called a prisoner doing a “dime” (ten year sentence) a financier, banker, or politician who steals hundreds of billions through fraud, monopoly, and the corrupt institutions and courts is named humanitarian of the year” or perhaps Mr. President.

Gene, if you would like to make some points please do. I can put this together and publish it…I believe that there is a chance here to spread some light.
Response, more or less to this commentary by Gene Novogrodsky

Immigrants and More

Feel good, feel worthy, Texas state officials and those in other states, plus several federal judges who have succeeded in keeping more than five million mainly Mexican immigrants – long in the United States and participating in its operation – in the shadows?

President Barack Obama, and his immigration policies have been spotty, and often cruel, did try to remove the millions from the shadows.

Not to be!

What uncertainty for the millions, more life in the shadows.

Perhaps a new Congress in January of 2017 will take the steps to move those from dark to light.

Dare I write my next sentence?

The United States should accept several million refugees from the wars in Iraq and Syria, perhaps a quarter of a million from north and central Africa, and thousands from Burma!
Of course, Central Americans escaping violence should also be welcome.

A reader might ask, “Are you crazy?”

No, simply in opposition to “I’ve got mine,” and “There is no room, costs too much,” immigration declarations on the part of wealthy lands, in this case the United States, though Europe and Oceania have their share of self-centered nations.

And there are arguments that the refugees’, migrants’ and immigrants’ homelands should improve their domestic conditions – granted – but until they do, the affluent lands should open their doors more than a crack.

Too, the lands of the haves should begin to assist those lands of the have-nots.

The haves have long profited from the people’s work and resources in the have-not nations.

Finally, a good summer to all who shove folks into shadows, and also close doors: sleep well, eat well and relax ….
Eugene “Gene” Novogrodsky

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Author: Gene Novogrodsky

Eugene “Gene” Novogrodsky, a Brownsville resident for nearly three decades, writes North American border slices, from eastern Canada to central Mexico, and in between. He is one of the founders of the Narciso Martinez Cultural Arts Center Writers Forum in San Benito. He sometimes participates with the informal Resaca Writers Group in Brownsville. He prefers, however, to read to two or three attentive listeners – when asked!


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