Beware of Mexican Gun Laws, they  are a b–ch!
The following story from The El Paso Times is important to everyone that will be crossing the Rio Grande or anywhere along the border. There have been many visitors to Mexico that have inadvertently carried their rifle or shotgun across, or had a spare box of ammunition they left in their vehicle that have ended up doing a long mandatory mininmun sentence Even a spent shell or a bullet casing should get you a sentence of 5 years in a Mexican jail.
So, this is a cautionary tale, to remind us all to be careful. If you do find yourself crossing into Mexico with some forgotten ammunition, it’s better to abandon your vehicle and high tail it back to the US. Better to lose your vehicle than your freedom, and you will lose your vehicle anyway in the course of events.

Remember every country has it’s own brand of hysteria, and in Mexico, it’s guns and arms. The government fears an armed populace more than anything else, so therefore it allows a dual monopoly of force: Government and Criminal.
In the United States we have a hydra-head of issues that people are hysterical about. The one that has been the most enduring is the most unlikely scenario that independent minded stand up citizens could very well be terrorists. This is a tough sell, but with unlimited funding and propaganda outlets, almost any nonsense can be sold to the public.
Of course, almost all governments hate an armed citizenry, but the 2nd amendment is still standing…for now.
Texas trucker’s arrest re-enacted in Juárez

By Juan Carlos Llorca \ Associated Press
Posted:   07/06/2012 Story Here


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