Editor note: We are pleased to have received a piece from Gene Novogrodsky during his annual sojourn from the frozen northeast near the northern border of the United States. Seems fate has Gene reporting from “polar opposites” the farthest depths of the south to the most desolate reaches of the north.

As readers we benefit from the views from each of the extreme latitudes. Keep the observational slices coming. Thanks Gene

,,,sitting, looking at road- scraping logging trucks …. Logs for boards, logs for paper ….

…beer, cigarette buyers, open-carry black revolvers in black holsters on hips ….

…pickups, cars, canoes, house boats, bicycles, motorcycles ..grabbing short summer months …. Blot problems, enter the outdoors ….

…Native American Navajo camp counselor tells me that the born-with-silver-spoon-in-mouth kids are surprised he’s alive – “Thought you were all extinct.” ….

… nearby teens practice golf swings, while their dorms’ cleaning women take smoke breaks, and migrant apple pickers wait for ripening ….
…alone in the mind, alone with eyes, alone with ears …
And then a tall woman , long legs, blonde-brown flowing hair,  to the store past me on the bench ….
A warm hello to me.
A man follows her in.
They come back, wax-paper wrapped subs in hand.
I look at her.
I think she might be a tall man who became a woman.
Her voice deep.
Attractive, sexy, promising.
I stare, and say, “You look a little bewildered here in central Maine.”
Did she?
More likely a bad effort at a low-level flirtation.
She says, “I’m not. In fact you’re bewildered.”
The man and she walk to their car.
Bewildered, me?
More log trucks groan past.
Three motorcycles rumble past, riders long hair blowing, no helmets.
Time to leave the bench, toss a milk container and rolll wrapper in the trash ….
Eugene “Gene” Novogrodsky, late-July 2017

Author: Gene Novogrodsky

Eugene “Gene” Novogrodsky, a Brownsville resident for nearly three decades, writes North American border slices, from eastern Canada to central Mexico, and in between. He is one of the founders of the Narciso Martinez Cultural Arts Center Writers Forum in San Benito. He sometimes participates with the informal Resaca Writers Group in Brownsville. He prefers, however, to read to two or three attentive listeners – when asked!


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