Ben Solomon In Destiny Diverted
by Don Clifford
Review by Edgardo
Don CliffordI’ve heard and read quite a number of stories in the past by Don Clifford, but this was the first full length novel of his that I’ve read. This is the kind of book that fills a definite need, that is historical adventure. Ben Solomon takes us throughout the known world of ancient times from the Hebrew nation of King Solomon, to Africa, to England to Meso-America as well. It’s quite a ride. From the opening scene in thepalace of King Solomon to the heartbreak of his soon to be departure from what is nowMexicoat the end of the book.

Ben Solomon is the bastard son of King Solomon and a lady in waiting at the court. He is a curious character, in as much as his innate nobility and inborn honor is coupled closely with his overwhelming ambition… When informed by King Solomon that because of his illegitimacy that he will never inherit the throne of David, Ben Solomon remains determined to one day rule the Hebrew Nation even if that means seizing the throne by force. If this is to be, it will come in later sequels as this book ends in meso-america.

In the interim Ben Solomon accepts a commission from the King and starts off on an adventure through out the ancient world. From Bedouins to Africans to other strange and dangerous people that inhabited and ruled the world in those times, Ben Solomon, against all odds emerges alive and victorious. He sojourns in Abyssinia with his half-brother, son of the Queen of Sheba. There he learns to be a warrior. And from there he takes off across the Ancient World. If the reader is at all interested in the ancient world and the connections at that time to the new world of theAmericas, there is a lot in this book for him. Ben Solomon journeys to Albion to learn the secret of King Solomon’s mines, then along with Phoenicians sails across the Atlantic.

Here we enter a new element; a chance to explore some of the mysteries of the lands of the Americas. The Inca people, it is is said, had contacts with Asians and Chinese from thousands of years in the past. According to sources from Don Clifford, the King of the Mandingos in West Africasent settlers to what is now Mexico. The Olmec tradition with their innumerable stone heads, give much credence to this theory.

With side issues such as ancient navigation techniques, weird cults and secret societies thrown into the mix, Ben Solomon works on many different levels. But first and foremost it is an adventure that can be treasured by both young and not so young adults. Caution: there are descriptions and scenes of graphic violence, but then there are in your average video games as well. Also Mr. Clifford knows how to write. Even complex passages are made more palatable by his compositional prowess.

There are many theories and much anthropological debate. Here is a video that supports the notion of West African colonization in theAmericas. Unfortunately it is not just an anthropological or historical question. but a political one as well

Legacy Of The Olmecs

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  1. Thanks for this reveiw. I found the book to be an interesting read. The story is well written, with a strong, but different, historic background. I’m looking forward to the sequel!

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