The Wise Woman and the Sage

Sit back a ways from the fire

Lit every year on Beltane Eve

They slowly kissed and reminisced.


They listen to the songs and drums

Watch the youths and maidens dance

It does not seem that very long ago

They were the King and Queen of May.


Young men and women leap the flames

They drink deep of cups of golden mead

Pairing off and disappearing into the forest

Partaking of their more private celebrations.


The smoke from the Beltane fire

Forms figures in the moving wisps

Figures rising to the starry sky

Out of the fiery elemental heat. 


The Great Goddess and Horned God above

Look down and bless the happy ceremony

They smile on the old embracing couple.

They bestow a special blessing on them.


Walter Birdwell May 2014

Author: Walter Birdwell

Born in Missouri in 1942, Walter Birdwell graduated from the University of Missouri in 1964 with a BA in creative writing. Immediately enlisted in the US army to avoid the draft and was in the US army from 1964 to 1967. Married Yolanda Garza a month after discharge from the Army and have been married forty-five years. Walter is a progressive political activist and has been for about fifty years and a follower of Pagan religious tradition for about twenty years. Have previously published newspaper articles in The Southern Patriot and the New York City Guardian newspapers (both defunct progressive newspapers) in the 1970s and have recently published articles in The Missouri Chigger, an Ozark area magazine, and the Brownsville Herald. Enjoys writing, sculpture, hunting, fishing, hiking, birdwatching, reading, traveling, and all outdoor activities.


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