by Edward Vidaurre

“We ended up alive, reminiscing on our barrio memories through poetry,

song, graffiti, dance, and tattooed tears.”


Barrio Night

He looks in the mirror

a tattooed teardrop

and permanent frown

mark his face


Smoke billows

Around the room

as thoughts surface



At the speed of light

engulf him


Running with his

little sister

around their flat

-a barking dog



-a backyard bar BBQ


His first crush



and a wet sensation

of young love



Shooting up




and Dancing

-barrio oldies

in slow circles


her full breasts

pressing against

his muscular

chest with the letters

FTW in old English letters

carved sloppily



-boulevard nights

before the sun sets over

the FirstStreetBridge


It all came back

In that slit second


The smoke

around the room

-a burning cigarette

on the edge of the sink

and the noise

of a bullet cap

were the only witnesses


to the tear



his temple



the toe tag


and a whisper

in the night

will go unheard

on this cold

-barrio night

Author: Edward Vidaurre

Born in East L.A., CA in 1973, Raised in Boyle Heights in the projects of Aliso Village, Known to his friends as Barrio Poet, Vidaurre says:” Sometimes the barrio claims us, holds us by our feet like roots in its field of chalk outlines closed off by the screaming yellow tape being pulled from its soul.”
Vidaurre is the founder of Pasta, Poetry & Vino and Barrio Poet Productions. He has been nominated for a pushcart prize for his poem, “Lorca in the Barrio” and is working with VAO publising on an on line literary journal called “La Noria” and also is co-editing an anthology called “Twenty” for Newtown, CT through El Zarape Press with Daniel Garcia Ordaz and Katie Hoerth. Vidaurre is the Arts Events Coordinator for the City of Edinburg, TX.


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