A very interestion article came up from Ammoland.com a couple of months ago. We at Wotrg did our best to spread it on the internet and by word of mouth. We here at Writers have many friends of hispanic heritage, on both sides of the border, and have a very substantial viewership as well. The reaction I got for the most part ranged from confusion to befuddlement, to mild outrage at best. Now if this where the previous Bush Administration that had done this instead of the Obama Administration, the outrage meter would have registered many thousands of per cent higher. The strange form that the Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms, and Tobacco is asking prospective gun buyers to fill out, not only asks about being Hispanic or Latino, there is a separate check box for Caucasians to affirm they are not Hispanic. Sometimes special attention is good, but in this case, it is definitley not.

Prison Planet, arguably the largest of alternative political and news sites in the world has picked up the story. And they are running with it.

Orignial Article on Writers Of The Rio Grande

The entire article is here at Prison Planet

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