ATF Racist form Against Latinos
July 12, 2012

Extra attention  can be good sometimes, but when it comes to extra attention from the Bureau of  Acohol Tobacco and Firearms it is never good. When I first got wind of this story, it seemed almost too ridiculous to be true. But here is the government form itself in the link below.
The inescapable inference from the question Hispanic or Not Hispanic on the form is that Hispancs will be singled out for extra attention. After all the Federal Government gun-running to Mexico, whether intentional or not, they have a lot  of nerve essentially accusing all Hispanics of being drug cartel members.
What remains to be seen is how the Hispanic congress people and ethinc leaders respond. So far, there has been a thundering silence. As it is now, many non-Hispanics are outraged that a group of citizens of another etnicity are being targeted with naked discrimination.

This issue is bigger than the divisive issue summarized as “Guns are Good: or “Guns are bad”


What if the “ethnicity” question demanded “Jew or Not a Jew”? Would that “ethnicity” question be acceptable? Like the Hispanic/Latino question, it is offensive and not necessary. It has nothing whatsoever to do with one’s qualification to purchase a gun.

Read more at Ammoland.

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4 Responses to ATF Racist Form Against Latinos

  1. Eugene "Gene" Novogrodsky says:

    …can not get a sense of the many gun articles in Writers Of the Rio Grande ….

    …milliions in the US want NO gun rules, laws; others want a VERY strict policy; others are in the middle ….

    Yet, guns, hundreds of thousands go to Mexico, illegally, and around the World – legal arms sales ….

    Guns to thwart evil ….

    Guns to promote evil and power ….

    I am naive, wishing hugs, peace, cooperation, sharing …!

    Good revolutions, bad revolutions, crimes, protection ….

    Bad scene, very bad ….

    Good down in a line of bullets, or, fight back and then go down, or use the guns for a better place ….

    Excuse the confusion, privilege ….Luxury ….

  2. Edgardo says:

    Gun laws and such are never for what they are stated as being about. It is always subterfuge…this article is to bring to peoples attention of what is going on. The reaction to it may be the most significant part of it. Hopefully people will start putting the pieces together.
    Sometimes I believe the government power centers do things just to see if they can get away with it; see what people will accept. This might be the case here. And it seems they are getting away with it.

  3. I don’t believe anyone wants to see people’s guns taken away from them. Not any people. But right now, today, 40 percent of people buying a gun do not have to undergo a background check, no matter ethnicity.

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