A new art gallery has opened in Mcallen, Texas called Art Studio by Design at 722 N. Main. A very charming studio, not large, but grand enough that there will be Art Classes in the back on a regular basis. While being very much a South Texas and Rio Grande Valley Studio, so far a variety of themes have been expressed. From Old West to New West, Abstract and surreal Mexican influenced art and of course, the unusual art of the owner Cele Castillo.

Celerino Castillo has seen many things in his 65 years of life. Has been many things as well, from Vietnam theatre soldier to an outstanding DEA agent, been a diplomat and has been in other fields related to law enforcement and government service. Go here for a detailed biography.

His most outstanding achievement in the view of myself and many others has been his role as a whistle blower in exposing government malfeasance in the drug war, starting with the Reagan years and going on with the first Bush Administration. He exposed much of this in his book, “Powder Burns” (currently out of print) and much in interviews and congressional testimony. Cele did cause significant squirming in the CIA and other government agencies, but the CIA in the end has remained untouchable; as has the DEA to a lesser extent.

There will be a new book out in the near future tentatively titled “Plomo y Plata” This refers to the saying in Latin America that means “Do you want to get shot or get bribed?”
…The plata is more often than not the choice.

By the fact of Mr. Celerino choosing to become a truth teller, or for a lack of a better word a “truther” has done more for us than we can ever express our thanks for. I hope to have a more extended interview with him in the near future.

Here’s a video shot the day of the Grand Opening:


Author: Edgardo

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