Bluetown Picasso

Bluetown Picasso
by Ken Bluetown Trevino

Another Day in the Park

Editor note: This is the prequel to the Mexican travel saga:

“In A Moment It All Can Change.”


Reynosa Tamaulipas

5:35 AM

Get to Tepic alive

The object of the game


Darkness lingers

On the fringes of dawn

By 6:35

Tamaulipas is gone



First check point

Here we go

Put fears aside

Let’s begin the show


Bienvenidos a Nuevo Leon

We’re getting away

My family en Mexico

It will soon be Christmas day


7:05, morning

Of course,

Dawn of a new era

The Frontier is my horse


7:30 arrives

Hello Monterrey

A soft sensual orange

Kisses the new day


The scenery has changed

Like a stone I stare

We gawk in awe

Though we’re still not there



Hitting full stride

Passed Saltillo

No danger in sight


Traffic changes

My dear family notes

American cars rampant

Christmas spirit brings new hopes


Tennessee, Georgia,

California and more

Illinois, Indiana,

Carolinas galore


Abandoned check points

Sand bags line old posts

A few packed military vehicles

Peruse the roads


Cool air filters

Haze along mountains and peaks

Hope eternal

Oh how angels speak


Now it’s 12:05

Zacatecas time

Right on schedule

To arrive before night


400 kilometers

How the toll roads help

At 100 mph.

Time becomes stealth


From Reynosa Tamaulipas

400 kilometers back

We approach Jalisco

Along the Aguascalientes track


Passing through the city

The pace slows down

Christmas in Mexico

Spirits are all abound


Billboards above houses

Streets with their crowds

Feliz Navidad

We are feeling it now


It’s now 2:10

250 km to Guadalajara

Another toll road

We fly like there’s no tomorrow


Two bodies crunched

In a tiny back seat

Two surfboards and a guitar

Await Tepic Nayarit


And me the driver

Scared shitless I drive

Realizing now

I don’t need a plane to fly


Fatigue not too prevalent

Passenger in spirits sleep

Overcoming fears

Has calmed angry streets


4:21 Guadalajara

In massive beauty

Architecture, decorations

No policia on duty


Last toll road

Guadalajara to Tepic

Two hour drive

But I’m flying can’t you see


Plush green valleys

Tequila and Magdalena

Turn after turn

The last la mas Buena


6:00 PM

One half hour before dark

My drive to Tepic

Just another day in the park


We arrive at the house

Before the welcome sign is posted

No one expects us so soon

Author: Ken “Bluetown” Trevino

Ken Bluetown Trevino is a poet, a playwright, surfer, father, and husband. He has a Bachelor of Arts in English from Incarnate Word College, and Associate of Arts in Behavioral Sciences from San Antonio College, and is currently working on his Masters in English at UT Brownsville. He has two daughters, one wife, four cats, one boxer (Duke), and a turtle named Shelly. When he is not working he enjoys reading, writing, and being with his family in Tepic, Nayarit, Mexico. Bluetown resides in Port Isabel Texas.


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