I am an old angry Chicano, from the 60’s.
I am not angry, at the Negroes
I am not angry, at the Asians
I am not angry, at the Indians from India

I am an old angry Chicano
I am not angry, at the Italians
I am not angry at the Pollocks
I am not even angry, at the white man


I am angry, at my own brown people

I am angry, at the chicanito

The one in class that refuses to learn

Not because he is stupid, but because he is lazy


I am angry, because laziness

Breeds stupidity

I am angry, at you for allowing to be labeled

To be labeled special, ADD,-ESL, migrant etc. etc. etc.


I am an old angry, Chicano

You are given every opportunity

Yet you waste it on your stupid, labels

Pues no puedo, dame y dame mas


I am an old angry, Chicano

Tired of fighting the system

Tired of seeing change

Going the wrong way


I am angry at you, guey

Get with the program

Become productive

Y cuenta, Guey


Be self supporting

Don’t sell yourself, to the government system

Become angry

And change, ese


I am angry at the chicanitas,

Having babies from different gueyes

I am angry at you little brownie

Wanting to collect more welfare checks


I am angry at you chicano

For allowing the government to enslave you

To enslave you into poverty

To be pigeon holed


I am angry at you, chicanito

For selling yourself short

For allowing yourself

To fail


I am tired but I can’t stop the fight

The fight against ignorance

The fight against laziness

Sacate el dedo, ese


Get with the program

Where is Corky Gonzalez?

Donde esta Cesar Chavez?

Where is Dolores Huerta?

Donde esta Dolores Huerta?


You see little chicanito

Los Viejo’s se mueren

Who will pick up la causa

Once the old Chicanos, are gone?

Author: Meliton Hinojosa, Jr.

Born in El Sauz, Texas to Meliton Hinojosa and Guadalupe Hinojosa in 1948, he has a BA and an MA in education from Texas A & M-Corpus Christi and currently teaches automotive mechanics at San Benito High School.


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