Originally published July 24, 2012

The years have moved on, and still the wars remain.

A new president says what are we doing over there

Spilling blood and treasure for exactly what?

The masters of war have their ways and death commands sway

Over the living, for politics seems to be it’s slave.

Of course we are still there


The troops are only parts in the death machine

Or are they the army of freedom that keeps us free?

Whichever, whatever way.

If the people were wise and good we

all would have a say.

But we are what we are.

And it is just that way


The Wermacht was a fiercesome war machine
Well led, with  traditions back to the times when
They held at bay the legionnaires.
The wild tribes sent them packing, licking their wounds back to Rome.

And everyone supported the troops
They fought for their country for the “Fatherland”
The homeland. They believed in homeland security,
Or “Fatherland Security.” Whatever you prefer…

For there was the stalking Jew, evil itself forever scheming,
Behind each plot and plan. (We have Arabs for that now).
Or home grown “good ol boy’ militia members
(There will never be a shortage of bogey-men.)

Or enemies real, created, or figments from imagination pure.
The Wermacht soldiers weren’t so bad, or at least not bad enough.
Hitler had to create true soulless goons, so he went into the prisons
Out came storm troopers, and with a few easy lessons
They caught on to the beat. (pun intended)

They practiced their tunes on the communists
The poor and helpless (always a goon favorite.)
And the classic favorite of all time: the Jews

And everyone supported the troops
After all didn’t the Poles attack us first?
We saw the photos in Der Stuermer.
The conspiracy volk remarked how strange
The dead, positioned so carefully had fallen so theatrically
And some of the Germans could have been twins with the Poles
It looked like only the uniforms had changed.

How strange

Schvienhund theorist of the conspiratorial stripe
Traitors always pointing vhat volk must never know.
A few thousand died and Europe was ours!
Glorious days and nights!
Then millions were gone, still our support was strong
To rule the world we had no choice.

And we all supported the troops.

Now the smoke does rise
Eyes now dry, there are no more tears no cry
A world lies in ruins
The dead live amongst us
Just as much as we live amongst the dead.

And we all supported the troops


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  1. Great peice. And the rockets red glared and I sat there scared. And the mighty machine of young boys and grils go to battle (Black, Mexicans and Jews) for the old farts in the White House. By Meliton Hinojosa Jr.

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